Signposting to Shared Fundamentals: B Impact Assessment

Finding alignment between the IMP and BIA

In the “Signposting” series, we showcase the shared fundamentals of the Impact Management Project within existing standards, measurement tools and frameworks.

In the download available below, we highlight how the shared fundamentals of the Impact Management Project align with the methodology of the B Impact Assessment – and outline next steps for the collaboration.

The B Impact Assessment and the Impact Management Project share the objective of encouraging all businesses and other ecosystem actors to actively measure and manage their impact. As an impact performance evaluation and management tool for businesses, the B Impact Assessment (BIA) operationalizes many of the shared fundamentals agreed through the Impact Management Project and actively drives businesses to identify and make improvements and provides a comparable evaluation framework by which to benchmark performance against those fundamentals.

B Lab and the Impact Management Project will work together to consider areas of further alignment and improvement across the five dimensions of impact for the next version of the B Impact Assessment, scheduled for release in January of 2019.

We encourage other resources to publish blogs or papers about how they link to the convention, and share their plans for further integration. If you are interested in signposting your work, let us know at