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IMP: Emerging Consensus about Impact Goals

Through this project, people around the world have been sharing their understanding of impact, and therefore their insights into how we can talk about our impact goals, in a way that everyone understands.

IMP: A Shared Convention for Impact Management

Shared fundamentals help investors understand the different options available to them within each asset class and enable them to build portfolios that match intentions and constraints with financial and impact goals.

IMP: Case Studies in Youth Employment

This report, co-authored with the New Philanthropy Capital, explores the impact management practices of over 30 organisations – funders, investors and enterprises – working in youth employment globally.

IMP: How people describe the impact they experienced

This report, co-authored with Impactt, help us understand what people’s expectations are when buying or engaging with products or services.

IMP: Exploring how beneficiaries describe their impact expectations

This report, co-authored with Social Spider CIC, looks at how people’s experiences with social services and activities have influenced their impact expectations, goals and priorities.

IMP: Perspective from the Brazilian market

This report, co-authored with Vox Capital, discusses the emerging consensus on impact management and shows how the Brazilian perspective has shaped the global convention.

IMP: Incorporating Impact Goals into Traditional Asset Allocation

This report, co-authored with UBS, explores a series of model portfolios that incorporate impact considerations into asset allocations to achieve desired impact goals.

IMP: How do we know if impact has occurred?

This report, co-authored with Nesta, explores how collecting evidence of impact is important for impact management.