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A curated list of impact management resources

As part of its consensus-building efforts for good impact measurement and management, the IMP has developed practical guidance, partnered with organisations to develop case studies, and championed others whose measurement and management approach demonstrates the norms agreed through the IMP. This page of resources and examples has been developed to support enterprises and investors working to better understand their impacts on people and the planet.

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  • Reports and case studies that demonstrate the integration of the IMP norms into an enterprise or investor’s impact measurement and management practice
  • Open source guidelines that enable organisations to better understand their impacts
  • Academic papers or research articles that aim to advance progress in the area of ESG and impact measurement, management and disclosure
  • Databases of research and evaluations around impact measurement and management, that promote best practice and transparency in reporting data.

GEM: Impact measurement for complex portfolios

This primer demonstrates how the IMP’s impact management norms can be applied to globally diversified, multi-manager portfolios. It describes Global Endowment Management’s own process and methodology, as well as case studies from its investment portfolio.

L’investissement d’impact: Le troisième facteur de l’équation risque-rendement

Ce rapport demonstre comment Fiera Capital a adopté la ligne directrice de l’IMP et l’a utilisé pour quantifier l’impact d’une société en lui donnant le pointage d’impact Fiera (PIF). Fiera Capital utilise ce PIF pour noter chaque occasion de placement et ainsi déterminer sa pertinence par rapport dans une stratégie d’impact.

Impact investing: A third factor to the risk/return mindset

This report demonstrates how the IMP’s guidance has helped Fiera Capital to quantify a company’s Impact in the form of the Fiera Impact Score (FIS). The FIS is then used to rate investment opportunities and determine its suitability to Fiera Capital’s impact strategy.

Technology-enabled impact reporting practice across the investment chain

This report, by the Impact Investing Institute in partnership with Deloitte, highlights that while progress in impact reporting practice is being made, the challenges to effective impact reporting practice are great. 

CDC’s Impact measurement handbook

This handbook provides investors, businesses and private sector development practitioners with an overview of tools and methods for effective and appropriately tailored data collection for impact measurement and management.

SVT Group’s Integrated Report

SVT Group shows how it considers its social, environmental and financial performance as part of its annual reporting process.

IIG’s Impact Report

This report illustrates how the IMP norms have helped the Impact Investment Group to screen investments, and manage and assess its impact performance.


Developed by Cerise, MetODD-SDG is an assessment tool that enables mission-driven businesses to measure their contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals.