Guide to classifying the impact of investments

The IMP’s investment classification guide provides step-by-step guidance for classifying your investments using whatever impact data – qualitative and/or quantitative – is available from your underlying assets.

The Impact Management Project has released a guide to classifying investments by impact class.

The investment classification guide is primarily designed to help investors classify their investment products (or portfolio of investments) using impact data – qualitative, quantitative, ESG and outcome-based – of the underlying assets.

The guide is also valuable for asset owners and advisors who can use the impact classification system to find investments aligned with their intentions and make management decisions through a more detailed understanding of their portfolio’s impact (like PGGM did).

We will be releasing more detailed guidance and examples of this classification process using different investor perspectives in early 2019.

Several asset managers have already classified their investments using these impact classes. Browse our Impact Class Catalogue of mapped investment products. To include your product in the IMP’s listing, or to provide feedback on this process, please contact us at

Download the guide here to learn more, and please let us know if you have any questions or feedback.

This article was originally posted in August 2018. We have updated it in December 2018 to incorporate an updated version of the investment classification guide. We will be updating the article in the coming months to include additional guidance tailored to different investor perspectives.