New findings from the GIIN Investors’ Council pilot

Piloting shared fundamentals

Between October 2017 and March 2018, 40 members from the GIIN Investors’ Council piloted the shared fundamentals for impact management across their portfolios, as identified through the Impact Management Project.

The pilot enabled different types of investors – from wealth managers to foundations to fund managers – to test impact management templates on sample portfolios and share their feedback on the experience. Download the report or read below for the main highlights.

  1. Harmonising how we describe our impact goals and our performance is possible: Investors were able to find the fundamentals in their own frameworks and use a shared language to describe their impact.
  2. Mapping products/portfolios based on their impact goals can provide helpful classification in an increasingly crowded investment landscape: The Investor’s Impact Matrix has enabled us to start a collective mapping of individual investment portfolios/products with different impact goals. This will be published widely in May.
  3. Managing impact means doing four things well, not following a single linear process: The impact management process is deliberately iterative, with different entry points depending on the type and stage of investor.
  4. Investors need more guidance on what data is needed and/or how to organise the data they currently collect to understand and communicate performance against their impact goals: This reinforced the need for training and templates around data collection and reporting that the IMP is developing and refining with working groups in Phase 2.

If you are an investor interested in applying the shared fundamentals in your portfolio, get in touch at