Mapping a portfolio by its effects on people and planet

A collaboration with PGGM

As an investor, how can I articulate the impact goals of my portfolio, and what data do I need to collect to know whether I am meeting my goals?

PGGM, the Dutch asset manager, has €220 billion of assets under management. In working with the Impact Management Project, PGGM sought to more accurately understand and communicate what impact its investments are making, and precisely what their role has been in the process.

PGGM has mapped its entire multi-asset class portfolio in terms of effects on people and the planet. The results, along with insights gained along the way, are showcased in this paper.

How can this paper help me manage my impact? 

By expressing our intentions as impact goals of enterprises across the five dimensions, we are able to make investments in enterprises whose goals match ours. By collecting data across the five dimensions we can then learn whether our goals have been met, and perhaps engage with the investee enterprise to help them improve positive impact or reduce negative. This paper provides an illustration of how one large institutional investor has articulated the impact goals of their portfolio, and shared insights as to what data was hardest to collect to understand performance against these goals.

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