Having a positive impact through public markets investments

It is often assumed that achieving significant positive impact is only possible in private markets. So we partnered with Neuberger Berman – the global multi-asset class investment manager – to co-author a paper that illustrates how it is possible to have a positive impact at scale through public markets strategies.

Given that the impact potential of public markets investments has not been as widely discussed, this paper seeks to demonstrate that:

  • Public companies are large and complex, and therefore have the potential to contribute to significant positive and/or negative impact.
  • Public markets investors can direct capital away from listed companies that harm people and the planet, and towards listed companies that not only mitigate or reduce that harm, but also contribute to solutions to social or environmental challenges, resulting in positive change at scale.
  • Fiduciary public markets investors can also contribute to the impact of these companies in different ways. This means that public markets investors have a variety of impact classes available to them.

The case studies in this paper illustrate how the five dimensions of impact provide a checklist for seeking sufficient data to assess and manage each of a company’s impacts. This data guides investor decision-making, both during diligence and as they engage to improve impact performance.

Click here to download the report.