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IMP Practitioner Community

A community of enterprises and investors who, since 2016, have brought forward their expertise and experience to build consensus and share best practices in impact measurement and management

What is the Practitioner Community?

A group of over 2,000 enterprises and investors who have provided feedback to the IMP as it builds consensus, shared best practices and/or applied the IMP consensus to their own measurement and management processes

Since 2016, the IMP has been building consensus on how to measure, manage and report positive and negative impacts on people and the planet.

The consensus (or norms) agreed to date would have not been realised together without a community of organisations, across the whole value chain, with whom the IMP has engaged to understand different perspectives, terminologies and logics surrounding impact.

Today, we recognise anyone who is engaging with the IMP – be that through attending huddles or webinars, using the IMP consensus as guidance for their own impact measurement and management work, or providing feedback to the team on how the norms are use in practice – to be a part of this community.

You can find a list of organisations who are publicly recognised as Practitioner Community members on our About page. If you would like your logo to join this group of organisations, please fill out this short form.

How can I engage as part of the Practitioner Community?

What it means to be a part of the IMP Practitioner Community – and the ways that you can engage with the IMP

There are various ways that enterprises and investors can engage with the IMP’s work:

  • Share your expertise and insights via Managing Impact, our online discussion forum in partnership with HBR’s Idea Lab. The IMP continues to build consensus with its active Practitioner Community on how to measure, report, compare and improve impact. Participants are welcome to help work through some important impact management questions
  • Share your experiences from using the IMP consensus. The IMP is actively looking for examples of how organisations have used the IMP to structure their impact measurement, management and reporting processes. Please contact us to share any examples – or, if you would like this content to be profiled on our Resources and Examples page, please fill out this short form.

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