Read our latest impact management discussion documents

In 2019 and 2020, the IMP held a series of online discussions with its Practitioner Community to debate three different aspects of impact management. These were impact monetisation, impact ratings and standardisation in impact management.

The discussions sit on Managing Impact, the online discussion platform hosted in partnership with Harvard Business Review’s Idea Lab. Whilst they remain “live” on this forum, each topic has been wrapped up with a series of interactive webinars (or “huddles”) to dive deeper into the complex issues surrounding each topic.

The insights from the online forum and huddles are synthesised into a discussion document. These aim to shed light on the richness of the discussions to anyone who was unable to participate, whilst offering points for reflection to those who were. Each paper is designed to help clarify the issues involved in each topic, rather than to provide definitive conclusions regarding particular issues.

Click the links below to view the discussion documents on each topic:

 Impact monetisation, coauthored with Sara Olsen 

 Impact ratings, coauthored with Catherine Dun Rappaport

 Standardisation in impact management

These and other papers are also accessible via our Resources and Examples page.