New Huddles Series: Impact Management in Action

Capturing Phase 2 learnings

Building on the success of our Phase 1 huddles, we are launching a new series that will focus on the practical application of impact management. The 6 new huddles will be interactive sessions to share what we’ve been learning in Phase 2 (here and here) and draw insights from you to problem-solve outstanding issues. Continue reading to find the full agenda and sign up links. 

If you can’t attend, you should still register! We’ll be sending out the slides and the recording to all registrants after the webinar.   

Huddle 1: Have your say: re-capping the fundamentals of impact management and problem-solving together 
Thursday, May 10th – 9am (ET) | 2pm (BST)
This session will provide a brief overview of the shared fundamentals of impact management, before turning to some outstanding tricky topics and terminology, on which we hope this community of practitioners can reach consensus.

Huddle 2: The Investor’s Impact Matrix: mapping investment products by their effects on people and the planet
Thursday, May 17th – 10am (ET) | 3pm (BST)
This session will share highlights from market segmentation work with UBS, PGGM and the GIIN Investors Council, before opening up the discussion for feedback and refinement of The Investor’s Impact Matrix.

Huddle 3: Data: Aggregate, summarize or consolidate?
Thursday, May 31st – 9:30am (ET) | 2:30pm (BST)
This session will delve deep into how funds report impact, based on data from enterprises – and how funds and enterprises can talk to each other productively. The discussion will share insights and grapple with questions from current work by 40+ members of the Impact Management Project’s Working Groups.

Huddle 4: Harmonizing impact frameworks
Thursday, June 7th – 9am (ET) | 2pm (BST)
There is no shortage of impact frameworks, but how do they work with one another? This session will discuss how different tools and frameworks can enable good impact management at different stages of the process. This session is particularly designed for advisors and consultants, who want to align bespoke client advice with widely shared fundamentals.

Huddle 5: The golden thread in action
Thursday, June 21st – 9am (ET) | 2pm (BST)
This session will explore an end-to-end impact management case study, from the perspective of asset owners and managers. It will bring to life the idea that, although different people in a value chain want different levels of data, a shared understanding of impact can run like a golden thread along the chain, enabling everyone to understand what’s working, what’s not working and improve – in other words to ‘manage impact’.

Huddle 6: Practical training materials for managing your impact
Thursday, July 5th – 10am (ET) | 3pm (BST)
This session will preview a series of impact management training materials to support investors, intermediaries and enterprises to make the shared impact management convention visible in their goals, decision-making frameworks and performance data. The content is being released in late summer 2018 and ranges from guidance for including impact questions in client discovery documents (for advisors and wealth managers), to data field ‘checklists’ that can support enterprises and asset managers to report impact data more consistently, to survey questions to collect feedback data across the five dimensions of impact (as a complement to objective measurement).