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Impact monetisation – the assigning of financial value to the impacts of an enterprise – is not a new concept, yet it hasn’t become a mainstream investment practice. Although a generally-accepted methodology is under development, monetisation remains a subjective and often opaque approach. Impact monetisation nevertheless has the potential to express the complex impact of different investments in commonly-used financial terms that businesses and investors are accustomed to, and to root traditional value analysis in the perspective of those experiencing change.

In this latest discussion on Managing Impact, our online discussion forum, we are exploring impact monetisation – and mapping out how, by working collaboratively, we can make it better.

This topic will be wrapped up with two IMP huddles on 29 October at 16:30 GMT / 12:30 EDT and 31 October at 08:30 GMT / 16:30 HKT to accommodate for participants across different time zones. A summary of the consensus reached will then be captured in an IMP discussion paper and distributed throughout its community of practitioners.

Please consider some or all of these questions as you contribute to this discussion. Your ideas will inform the structure of the huddle and where consensus exists or is required: 

Monetising impact has some clear merits and has been in practice for a long time. Why do you think it is not mainstream?
Why does impact monetisation matter?
What are the challenges of impact monetisation, and how does this affect its potential for widespread use?
How can we do impact monetisation well?
How can we improve impact monetisation through a collective effort?

We hope that you will share your views and experience to help build consensus.