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How do I get started with the IMP?
  • We suggest you begin by taking a look through the impact management norms. These explore how enterprises and investors can measure their impacts on people and the planet. You can also click here to learn how investors can classify the types of impact occurring across their portfolios.
  • Check out the Resources page for case studies and impact reports that demonstrate usage of the impact management norms. There you can also find our recorded webinars that delve into the impact management norms in further detail.
How do I become more involved with the IMP’s work?
  • Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates on the IMP and the Structured Network.
  • Become recognised as part of our Practitioner Community. We recognise any organisation that has engaged with the IMP – be that through attending huddles or webinars, using the IMP consensus as guidance for their own impact measurement and management work, or providing feedback to the team on how the norms are use in practice – to be a part of this community. Click here to submit your logo.
 What other related resources are available to me as an investor?
  • Impact Frontiers is a learning and innovation collaboration developed with and for asset managers, asset owners and industry associations. It is designed to help investors better understand and implement existing impact frameworks and standards, and integrate them alongside their own financial considerations.
  • The IMP+ACT Alliance, hosts a free self-assessment and reporting tool for investment practitioners wanting to integrate sustainability factors into their investment decisions, investment practice and performance analysis. The IMP+ACT Classification System (ICS) was developed using the impact classes, which are used to group investments based on their impact characteristics.

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