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IMP+ACT Alliance

A data and technology programme for the public good, incubated within the IMP

The IMP+ACT Alliance’s ambition is to enable a wide variety of industry actors to collaborate on making information about the types of impact of different companies and investments more accessible, consistent and inter-operable.

The programme builds on the IMP consensus, using impact classes to help understand and communicate total portfolio impact. In particular, it will explore how the use of technology could enable classification of investment products on a larger scale, so that investors can better understand the types of impact occurring in their portfolios and make more informed investment allocation decisions which reflect their social and environmental goals.

The initiative will bring together experts from diverse communities, including investors, companies, standard-setting organisations, data providers and technology platforms, with a view to improving the ability of asset owners to understand the total impact of their multi-asset portfolios and, ultimately, increasing the amount of investment in impactful businesses.

The IMP+ACT Alliance is currently building and testing its technology programme, in collaboration with a broad community of experts. Please contact the team if you have expertise and experience that you would like to bring forward to shape this initiative.

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