The IMP is facilitating a network of leading standard-setting organisations to coordinate specific impact measurement and management efforts, so that enterprises and investors have complete rules of the road.


What are impact management norms?

What is the IMP structured network?

What is the IMP structured network’s focus through 2021?

The norms established under the IMP, by a sizable cross-section of the market, provide a shared definition of impact and the type of data that one would therefore expect to find in any good impact framework and impact report. The norms also provide a logic for sharing data about impact goals and performance across increasingly complex value chains – from people and planet experiencing impact, to enterprises, to investment intermediaries, to advisors, to asset owners. The content in this website describes and illustrates the norms agreed by over 2,000 practitioners globally. 

The Impact Management Project is facilitating an unprecedented peer-to-peer collaboration (the “IMP network”) to discuss shared fundamentals for impact measurement and management – and work towards collectively providing enterprises and investors with complete rules of the road.

The network has been established to facilitate exchanging of knowledge, to identify opportunities for synergy and coordination, and to explore the feasibility of co-creation of content.

The IMP structured network is focused on making rapid progress on three interconnected workstreams: impact measurement and reporting, impact classification and impact benchmarking.

The skills, knowledge and attitude required to do impact management well can no longer be self-taught. Impact measurement and management principles, conceptual frameworks and disclosure standards are essential to improve the ability of all organisations to communicate up and down the value chain and encourage transparency about the full impact, positive and negative, of enterprises and portfolios.

The widely-shared norms already established through the IMP can support coordination of work on these constructs.

Are you using the IMP norms to collect and organise impact data?

How have the IMP norms helped you set impact goals as an enterprise or investor?

How have the IMP norms helped you assess the impact performance of your enterprise or portfolio? 

This website publicly shares the consensus on how we talk about, measure and manage impact, bridging the perspectives of investment, grant-making, business, non-profits, social science, evaluation, wealth management, policy, standards bodies and accounting (among others).

The IMP approach has been global, open and iterative through in-person and virtual sessions – and we want your continued input. Contact us with your ideas, comments and insights. Tell us how you are using this content to manage impact.